Burak Aksoy

He was born in Ankara on 1991. After graduating from high school, he preferred to start his career instead of attending to a full time university. He is continuing his distance education at Anadolu University Radio and Television Broadcasting Department.

In 2008, he started to be interested in Hip Hop music and same year he released the underground album called “Gerilim Başladı”.

His career started in 2012, founding the Wedding Film Company, Neşeli Günüm. Including overseas projects, he participated in different concepts of hundreds of wedding films, being in charge of directing, DOP, editing and sound design.

Starting from beginning of 2013, he directed commercial and promotional films and music videos of brands and artists such as H&M, Tchibo, Starwood Worldwide, Elie Saab, n11, BKM, HardRock İstanbul, Enne, Kanal D, Gobitte, Lazzoni, Edelkrone, Bedük, Begüm Bingöl.

He worked as a director in 2015 for TRT on TV Projects: “Hafızamdaki Makamlar” and “Maximum”. In 2016 He was the director and DOP of the “Başka Bir Şey” Youtube series.