Oğuz Peri

Graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences. Since 1992, he has been engaged in many commercials and feature film productions. In 2007, he partnered up with Ömer Faruk Sorak in Böcek Yapım, where he pursues his career as a Producer. He is a member of Commercial Film Producers Association Board of Directors and he also teaches production courses in Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences.

Tolga Baysal

Born in 1973, Ankara. Completed his primary, secondary, high school and university education in İzmir. He worked for an international company as the Aegean Regional Director. He has been pursuing his career as a Line Producer in Böcek Yapım since 2008.

Seyhun Aray

Born in 1980, Istanbul. Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a degree in Economics and in 2008 he started working on various TVC projects in the industry. Since 2013 he has been working as a Line Producer at Böcek Yapım.